30 Ways To Move (Created by Participants) Article 16

During the 30 Day Moving Challenge, we placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of moving during the day in addition to our walking and other physical activities.

As everyone lives and works in a somewhat different environment, we encouraged challenge participants to share their moving actions with us during Zoom calls. This process resulted in many great ideas summarised in our “30 Ways To Move” image above with the explanation for each move provided below.


Forever Young Club – 30 Ways To Move Explained

  • 5 Mins/Hour: get up and move for 5 minutes/hour!
  • Bathroom Moves: move around in the bathroom e.g. wash teeth, brush hair!
  • Dog Walks: walk the dog more than once!
  • Call Friend: call a friend and walk!
  • Creative Moves: create opportunities to move in your life!
  • Save Fares: Get off a stop early, walk and save your fare!
  • Before Work: walk for 5/10 minutes before work!
  • Office Walks: get up and walk when you can at work!
  • Meeting Walks: plan walking meetings where possible!
  • Lunch Breaks: walk for 10/15 minutes at lunchtime!
  • Distant Bathroom: Go to the one furthest away!
  • After Work: walk for 5/10 minutes after work!
  • Less Efficient, More Effective: less efficient tasks = more effective moving!
  • Take Stairs: Always take the stairs; no more lifts or elevators!
  • Kitchen Moves: More around and don’t watch kettle boil!
  • Mobile Walks: Get up and walk when making or receiving a call
  • Aisle Walks: Walk up and down the aisles when shopping!
  • Dance Moves: Why walk when you can dance!
  • Moving Plans: When you plan to move, you will!
  • Timer/Alarm: Use technology to remind you to move!
  • Sticky Notes: The old-fashioned way works too!
  • Track Steps: When you keep track you do more!
  • Household Chores: See these as an opportunity to move!
  • Music Moves: Listen to music and move!
  • Coffee Walks: Get a takeaway and walk!
  • Garden Moves: Get out and move in the garden if you can!
  • Park Car Further Away: In carparks and parking lots!
  • Park & Walk: Park the car and walk!
  • Leave Car Behind: Bring a small backpack with you!
  • TV Ads: Get up and move when the ads are on!.

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Your comments and questions are very important to us. If you have any questions about the above let us know and we can discuss them further in our next Q&A session.


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