Forever Young Journey Trilogy – Article 8

“How To Decrease Your Risk If You Get C***d”

“Risk is good! Not properly managing your risk is a dangerous leap!”          Evel Knievel


Article eight is the second in our Forever Young Journey Trilogy of articles/videos. If you missed the first one called “Sometimes the so-called “SCIENCE” is B#LL*CKS!”, you should make sure you read it, as they are after all a trilogy! You can find that article/video here.

This second article is pretty important because most of us are 50 and over and we all need to know the importance of having a healthy metabolism and immune system, while living in a Covid-19 World.

Life-Changing Virus

Covid has only been with us a short time, yet it has changed our lives. We’ve all changed our behaviour with regard to hand washing, coughing, sneezing, handshaking, hugging, social distancing and wearing masks. While these actions have helped in our fight against the virus, they’re done to protect us; to create a shield and are thus passive in nature.

Before Covid, it was often difficult to persuade people of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, when the virus strikes, it comes at you quickly and we now know, those who suffer the most and unfortunately sometimes die, are older people with underlying clinical conditions. These conditions are chronic lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease {COPD].

Short-term Acute Problems

A very significant by-product of C***d is that the virus has turned these long-term chronic diseases into short-term acute problems. So in our C***d World, you can no longer afford to put a slow, developing, chronic disease on your long finger. The great news  is you’ve more power than you think to protect yourself against the virus.

Great News

The great news is you’ve more power than you think to protect yourself against the virus.

So no better time, especially if you’ve a compromised immune system, to defend your body against sickness and disease.

I know this is easier said than done but you can decide to take action today, if you want to.

More than ever before, you have to take personal responsibility for your health and do everything you can to protect yourself against whatever risks may exist, in your life. So,

Ask Yourself The Right Question

The question you should ask is not how to reduce your risk of catching Covid-19, but what you can do to reduce your risks from the virus, if you do.

There are sustainable, active, healthy lifestyle choices you can make which will improve your health and especially your metabolism and immune system. In doing so you can significantly improve your risk from the underlying clinical conditions that will otherwise make Covid-19 such a real and present danger in your life.

There are many things you could do but if you focus on these 5 things, you’ll make progress quickly:

  1. Eat healthy, whole foods: we’ll discuss this a lot in the coming weeks/months.
  2. Drink lots of water: an easy and effective way to boost your immune system and health.
  3. Get plenty of sleep: vital for your immune system and both physical/mental health.
  4. Manage chronic symptoms: we’ll discuss what this means too.
  5. Be physically active: we’ll discuss what this means in the coming days and weeks.

Key Message: You have the power to protect yourself against chronic diseases by increasing or improving your immune resilience and by doing so you can reduce your risk from the impact of C***d, if you catch it.

Key Actions: Decide to take action today and continue your Forever Young Journey, with us.

In the third article of our Trilogy which you’ll receive tomorrow, we’ll explore the compelling link between one of our 5 core topics and your immune system.

Your Input/Feedback

Your input, feedback and questions are very important to us. To contact us, all you have to do is click on the link below, complete the form and send it to us and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.


  1. Greetings,
    I am out in the garden every day that it is dry. I am either repairing the potting shed, old and in need of new timbers, planting trees and shrubs, under supervision because weeks and plants look the same to me, keeping the seven bird feeders topped up with peanuts that are around the gardens, that means climbing ladders and a host of other chores that help keep out half acre of grass and raised beds in order. Two days a week I cycle within my 5k radius notching up 20k or there about each day. I don’t ingest pills of any kind except my vitamin D. I don’t drink enough water though but starting tomorrow I shall remedy that. I get in, on average, eight hours of sleep nightly. I eat healthily, staying away from greasy fried foods. I am not afraid of the virus per say, I think by not meeting people and staying away from family and friends I am keeping myself safe. When I have to go for groceries I am masked up, sanitising bottles in pocket, and giving other shoppers plenty of space I am not worried about the virus. I have no underlying condition that could compromise me. I feel that by continuing the way I have been cautious will keep me safe. The vaccination for my age group 70, is a few weeks away but even then I will still keep distance and be safe. Thank you for your most informative article of which I am responding to here. Please let me know if I am responding to your requests for feedback in correct fashion. I am new to this kind of regime so I must look upon myself as being very green indeed. Best wishes Jeremiah.

    • Hi Jeremiah and thank you so much for going to such lengths to explain your current situation. I think you are doing lots of good stuff to boost your immune system and keep yourself safe. Hopefully the Forever Young Club can help and motivate you to continue and develop what you are doing. Thanks again!


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