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“The normal experience of the body and its ageing is a conditioned response – a habit of thinking and behaviour. By changing your habits of thinking and behaviour, you can change the experience of your body and its ageing.”                  Deepak Chopra

2. Introduction To Mindset


Welcome to the second Forever Young Club article called “Introduction To Mindset”. There is a link to a short video above which covers the same content, so you have a choice of reading the article or watching the video, or both.

When asked what surprised him most about humanity, the Dalai Lama said about Man:

  • He sacrifices his health to make money and then has to sacrifice his money for his health.
  • He’s so anxious about his future that he doesn’t enjoy the present with the result that he doesn’t live in either the present or the future.
  • He lives as if he’s never going to die and then dies having never really lived.

Our Environment

We’re all programmed by our environment. For example, consider these questions:

  • What kind of food do you eat?
  • How active are you?
  • How much time do you spend sitting?
  • How much sleep do you get?
  • How dependent are you on your mobile phone?
  • Do you manage your email or does it manage you?
  • How much television do you watch?
  • How often do you feel anxious, stressed out or even overwhelmed?

Your Mindset

Your mindset is your set of current assumptions and beliefs. They can be positive, negative, rigid, flexible or some combination of these. You can have an inflexible mindset or a flexible, growth-oriented one. It’s up to you – you can choose the latter and this is crucial to your success.

What you believe does not have to remain fixed; you can change your mind if you want to and your new underlying beliefs will be reinforced by your new experiences. You can manage your mindset to be successful and your age should not stop you. Whatever you do, don’t say you’re too old. It all depends on your attitude. If you’re positive and believe you can, then you can.

Example – Moving Mindset

You’ll hear us talk a lot about the importance of developing a “moving mindset” to overcome our tendency towards an ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle. To do this successfully, you first have to know, understand and then accept that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for you and that you can relatively quickly change your behaviour by developing a “moving mindset” which you can apply throughout your day. For example:

  • Take the stairs whenever and wherever you can.
  • Stand up and walk around your office/home, when on the phone.
  • Hold as many outdoor, walking meetings as you can.

Forever Young Club

The Forever Young Club will give you the opportunity to revisit your mindset. You’ll discover how to shape your mindset so it doesn’t limit who you are and who you can become. Your health and happiness are all that really matter. You’re the architect of your journey, your adventure, your life. Life isn’t a rehearsal, it’s a performance. You have the power to explore the mindset you need to create a legacy and realise your dreams.

Your Comments/Questions 

We’d love to hear what you think of this article on Mindset. Please leave your comments below and let us know if you have any questions. If you prefer, please feel free to email me at pat@patfalvey.com


  1. I discovered meditation around12 years ago…..when my children were small and the stresses of life were large.I m a great admirer of Deepak Chopra and I have been deconstructing my accepted attitudes one by one since then.I find when you let go some old attitudes you create so much room in your life for new things to grow,So as Deepak would ask What new is growing in your life this Spring??Mant thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I believe to have very confirmed views on life puts you in abox where your growth and
    creativity can be stunted
    I love the Dála Láma too


  3. Basically we need to slow down a take a breath and enjoy taking that breath.

  4. Thanks Alice

  5. Brilliant !!! It’s amazing the power the mind has over the body ! Great words

  6. Great article Jim. I’m a good few years away from 50 but still like the ideas here as like a lot of people I often find myself paralysed worrying about the what if’s in life which drives me mad.

    I’ll start using your principals as a means to help myself have a better mindset which I believe is the most important peace in being healthy.

  7. I totally agree with the changing of ones mindset , but the penny has to drop to even think we can change our thinking . But I think it is the key to moving forward . With the proper positive attitude and inner contentment life can change for the better . Enjoyed your article .

    • I truly believe in having a positive mindset, it’s what gets me up and out, whether it’s a long walk , a hike through a forest or mountain or a job around the house I have to tackle, I suppose for me,being outdoors gives me a sense of positivity and energy.
      Love the videos. Thanks

        • Excellent video yes to become aware of changing ones mindset its so easy to sit back and become complacent .

          • We all need to be reminded about these things from time to time.

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