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“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
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3. Introduction to Physical Health

Physical Health


Welcome to the forth Forever Young Club article called “Introduction To Physical Health”. There is a link to a short video above which covers the same content, so you have a choice of reading the article or watching the video, or both.

While we’re living longer today than ever before, we still have many major health concerns including heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, diabetes and coming down the track very quickly, dementia/Alzheimers which is expected to triple within 30 years.

These chronic problems aren’t the root cause of premature death, they’re the proximal causes. The root causes are the decisions and actions you take on a daily basis, like what you eat and drink, the quality of your sleep and how active or inactive you are.

No Guarantees

We all know there are no guarantees in life; we simply don’t know what’s around that corner or how long we’re going to live. So while you can’t control the ultimate outcome, you can control the ongoing process by the decisions and actions you take, along the way, every day.

One of my favourite quotes, attributed to the late Jim Rohn, is “take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”. The only thing your body cares about is that you survive for as long as possible. Remember you’re the boss; you’re the driver and leader of your health.

Your Life Expectancy

If you Google life expectancy you’ll find “life expectancy from birth”. Men in Ireland can expect to live to 78 and women to 83. However, if you think about it, life expectancy from birth is actually not very relevant when you’re aged 50 and over. What you really need to know is your life expectancy today. Unfortunately, that number is not readily available. The closest you’ll get is life expectancy at 65, which in Ireland is:

  • 18 years for men
  • 21 years for women

So when you reach 65, men can expect to live another 18 years and women 21 years. Of course remember these are average statistics. There’s another statistic which most people are not aware of called “healthy life years” and this shows how many years of good health from 65 you can typically expect. In Ireland this is:

  • 11 years for men
  • 12 years for women

This also means that men at 65 can expect to have 7 “unhealthy” years [18 – 11] while women have 9, [21 – 12] but again remember these are also average statistics and you don’t have to be an average statistic.

Your Biological Age

I’m sure you’ve been to a school or college reunion. Did you notice that many of your old pals look their age, while some look quite young and others quite old? Yet everyone is the same chronological age. So if you think about it, your chronological age doesn’t really matter because you can’t control it, but your biological age does because you can.

Put very simply, your life expectancy is not just a throw of the dice! You can, if you want to, increase your life expectancy but more importantly, you can significantly improve the quality of your life, for the rest of your life. It’s never too late to get started and so why not draw a line in the sand and start your Forever Young Journey today.

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  1. My Dad is 97 now He sheared 50 sheep by hand when he was 80 We are so proud of him


    • That is so inspiring Helena! We will be trying to emulate him. Thanks for sharing that!

    • We shape our destiny and physical fitness its so important its easy to fall off course but Forever Young Club may be a real wake up call to many its never too late to change.

  2. In fairness, Jim, you’re a great example for what you preach. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Mick, appreciate that. In some respects it’s all about risk management which you’ll appreciate. The fitter, stronger and healthier you are, will enable you to cope far better when the day comes when you have to face up to a real health scare!

  3. Totally agree Clair! Do you swim all year round?

  4. To me it’s like a circle if the mindset is in the right place then the excerise is easier , how ever even if you not in the right headspace getting out for that walk in the fresh air changes everything . One comes home in a brighter more uplifted mood . I live near the sea and I find a n early morning quick dip in the sea wakes up all the senses clears the head and I’m full of energy to face the day no matter what the weather is like . Plus to see others in their 75 plus swimming daily is such fantastic roll model to follow .


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